Attention Students!

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I am going to be using an app called Remind to help communicate with everyone at the dojo.

Please forward this message to anyone that needs it.

Simply text any of the codes below, that apply to you, to 484.271.6785

@uma-fa All students
@jrdragons Junior Dragons (ages 7-14)
@ltdragons Little Dragons (ages 4-7)
@kung-f Kung Fu (ages 14 and up)
@adults14 All Adults (ages 14 and up)
@rkkempo RyuKyu Kempo (ages 14 and up)
@aikido12 Aikido (ages 12 and up)
@kenjutsu Kenjutsu (ages 14 and up)

Each code must be sent individually.

Thank you, Sensei Ross

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