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A journey into traditional Chinese martial arts…

This is a hybrid program that encompasses both external and internal training.

A Chinese Internal Martial Art consists of three disciplines…BaguaZhang (Eight Trigram Palm), Hsing-i Chuan (Mind/Intention Fist) & Tai Chi Chuan (Grand Ultimate fist). What separates internal training (nei jia) from external arts is the emphasis on the connection between the mind & movement and its foundational structure based on skeletal alignments of the body. All other Chinese Martial Arts, other than the three above, are considered an external art, where musculatures guide movement.


The first phase of training in this program begins with the practice of Hung Gar Kuen (Hung Family Fist), a southern external style, legendary for its powerful punching and firm stances. It is a 5 animal system that incorporates the fighting posture & spirit of a tiger, crane, leopard, dragon & snake. This style will help students develop a “Kung Fu body” that will be beneficial when transitioning towards internal training. Nearing completion of the external phase of this program, the student will be presented with the internal aspects of Chinese Martial Arts.         

The second phase of this program will introduce students to the practice of BaguaZhang, a complex internal system that incorporates swift footwork and powerful palm striking. The student will also be presented with the concept of qi (life force), how it can benefit your martial skill & how it plays a role in your health. This training includes exercises that are specific to the development & the maintenance of a sound internal foundation.

The final phase of this program will be the practice of the Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan hand & sword form. The curriculum will also include an introduction to Chi Gung…Dao Yin Yang Shen Gong.

I call this program Beginnings…because it will provide you with the tools to become a better martial artist and an aid to develop an overall state of well-being but the truth of the matter is, it is all up to you, the practitioner. Martial arts expertise can only be achieved through diligent practice & hard work…there are absolutely no shortcuts. This program will provide you with the “Beginnings”, the rest is up to you.