Ryūkyū Kempo (琉球拳法) is a form of karate originating in the Ryūkyū Islands (Ryūkyū-shotō, 琉球諸島) of Okinawa, and more specifically refers to the particular styles associated with Taika Seiyu Oyata (大化の西友) and with George Dillman.

The art is known for its emphasis on pressure-point knock-outs and attacks for self-defense, known as Kyūsho-jutsu (急所術) or Vital Point Techniques. Ryūkyū Kempo exploits the weaknesses of the body, using a combination of pressure points and leverage to allow a smaller person to defend against and control larger opponents. These techniques are some of the most sophisticated in the martial arts. Properly used against selected anatomical points of the nervous and circulatory systems, they will temporarily disable an opponent beyond his ability to retaliate. Precision, not strength, is the key.

Cycle of Destruction