Sifu JoeSifu Joseph G. Costa 

1979 – 1980: Small Circle Jui Jitsu with Master Chism @ West Catholic Boys High School in Philadelphia, PA

1981: Small Circle Jui Jitsu with Master Chism @ The YMCA in Philadelphia, PA

1989-1990: Hung Gar Kung Fu with Master Michael Dillard in Philadelphia, PA

2000 – 2008: Annual seminar student with Master Luo De Xiu of Taipei, Taiwan (Gao Style BaguaZhang & Hebei Xingi Yi Chuan)

1990-present: Various Chinese Martial Arts as a private student with Sifu Peter Chang including but not limited to Hung Gar Kuen, BaguaZhang, Chen Tai Chi Chuan & Xing Yi Chuan. Open hand and weapons included.

I have also attended multitudes of seminars and workshops.

I became an assistant instructor for Sifu Peter Chang in 2004.