Our Leadership Program provides the opportunity for you to expand your responsibilities within the dojo: developing communication, listening and time management skills while building self-confidence.  This program empowers you to recognize your ability to lead in other aspects of your life and will help prepare you for future leadership opportunities.

Starting as young as a Little Dragon with a 4th Ryu Green Belt, you will find yourself at the head of the class.  You will begin to learn how to lead drills with your fellow students.

As a Junior Dragon with an 8th Kyu Green Belt, you will find yourself leading multiple drills throughout class.  A select few students will actually be responsible for a night of classes.  Junior Leaders are responsible for the Little Dragons and Junior Dragons class on their night and will learn to run the entire class.  The students that have their own night of classes are addressed as Senpai and wear a ‘Junior Leader’ patch.

As an Adult with an 8th Kyu Green Belt, you will be chosen to run drills for the Adult class.  A select few students are chosen as Instructor Trainee to work with all classes.